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First Class Fireworks – Denmark’s leading firework brand.

Passion for fireworks

“Send two enthusiasts of gunpowder 14 days to China and they will come home with their own fireworks.”

First Class Fireworks was created by Søren Gjørtz and Klaus Langkilde, two experienced fireworks experts with more than 40 years of experience in the industry.

The ambition is to be the market leader in quality fireworks for the whole of the Nordic region.

We select, develop and test everything ourselves

The New Year always starts earlier with us. Through close contact and countless trips to the Chinese fireworks experts, we work most of the year to develop and select the best fireworks for our customers in and outside of Denmark.

It has to be fine

When you say fireworks, you also say China. There is no doubt that throughout history they have always defended their position as the world’s leading experts in pyrotechnics.

Therefore, it was not a difficult decision to establish our own office and hire staff in China. It is pure utopia to think you can develop a leading fireworks brand without being physically present.

We expect a lot from our collaboration and the products we help develop, which is why we commit ourselves enormously to the entire process.

New times

The demands placed on fireworks increase year by year

It is not just the beautiful colors in the sky that are required, but also a wide range of requirements for CO2 emissions, material selection and readiness for the green transition.

It is the right way to go and we are proud to be a pioneering company in the field.


Therefore, we work purposefully to remove plastic from our fireworks and minimize the footprint our products, methods and storage have.

Read our sustainability report and read about the areas where we make a difference.

Our products reach far

We have grown beyond the borders and now deliver to several countries in the Nordics, it is a fantastic journey to be a part of, and not least the fruit of the hard work that has been put into the development of fireworks of the highest quality.

We love our work

We want to be the best and constantly help push the development within the fireworks industry. So it is fortunate that we worked in an area where both passion and interest are involved.

Safety above all

All our products are CE-approved, which means that they meet all the safety requirements set by both Danish and EU legislation.

First Class Fireworks represents the new breath of fresh air on the Danish fireworks market, where safety and quality have never been neglected.

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