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As the largest importer of fireworks in Denmark, we wish to exhibit
responsibility towards the environment and the people that our company affects.

Download our sustainability report here

No more plastic

As the first fireworks importer in Europe, we have chosen to remove all plastic from our outdoor fireworks. This has been achieved through a long-term cooperation with our suppliers, where we have gradually phased out plastic more and more, until we can now say that all our fireworks for outdoor use are completely free of plastic.

We have made this decision because we are aware that plastic can have a harmful impact on the environment if not disposed of properly, and since fireworks are usually fired outside, it was a natural choice to make our products plastic-free.

Less packaging

We have reduced our packaging size by 5% in 2023 and will reduce further in 2024.

The reason for this reduction is that a study carried out by the European trade association for fireworks, EuFiAs, shows that the transport of fireworks is the biggest source of CO2 emissions in the industry.

By reducing the size of the packaging in our products, we can have more goods in containers and trucks, which reduces our CO2 footprint. This is done by changing the packaging of e.g. rockets so that they take up less space.

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